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    Default HDR shooting

    I am about to embark upon some HDR shooting with video, has anyone done this before, got any hints or tips worth knowing/avoiding?

    heres a sample by somebody else for reference

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    I've never done HDR in video but I have done a few stills projects. I find it very difficult to get the image to look "natural". Which method will you be using ie Magic Lanten, two cameras ?

    How do you blend the over & under exposed video ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    I find it very difficult to get the image to look "natural".
    But what is "natural". I'm no biologist so I'm not sure whether the eye is capable of a much wider dynamic range than a camera, whether is adjusts "exposure" much better or whether the brain is just more capable of interpreting the information received, but it is clear that in the real world we are capable of seeing detail in a far greater dynamic range than current camera technology.
    Yet I suspect we don't realy see it all at once (as we only focus on one area of our field of vision at any given micros second). Furthermore we mustn't forget that we have all been programmed through a lifetime of photos and films to expect to see a lower range when we look at images - perhaps that's now what we think of as "natural".
    I like the extra detail carried by HDR images, in the same way as I like the extra detail in 50fps HD (no experience of 4K here).
    However I do wonder whether this "improved accuracy" will eventually be snubbed in the same way that high frame rates are rejected in favour of 24fps and accurate colour is rejected in favour of heavy grading.

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    But what is "natural".
    Teal and Orange with a dark contrast. Well that's what Hollywood thinks !

    I think the high frame rate thing is a slightly different issue to the contrast/dynamic range and colour grading, in that it's not really an issue unless you are a dick. Don't most TV companies use 50/60fps recordings ? 24fps is just an old limitation of film with sound isn't it, which is being fazed out anyway. The 24fps gang are just people like me who didn't know any better.

    HDR has it's uses, HERE is a good example of using the technology properly, to over come the blown out skies through a window when filming inside. Using it just as eye candy ? Well I suppose that is the debate.

    Ooh, I do sound like I'm in a catty mood today.

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    Im going down the Magic Lantern route, researching post production for it at the moment. I discovered its not available on my camera so will be borrowing one to complete the project. eep!

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    I don't understand how HDR is done with movie cameras.
    A perfect cam would have no exposure controls; and be capable to recording light levels - from a candle to the sun. If monitors were capable of such ranges, the future would consist of audiences squinting or wearing sunglasses in the bright scenes.
    On my stills camera, HDR photos are created by Exposure bracketing. The camera takes 2 or more images to cover a ranges between 1 and 3 stops. Whilst very useful to reduce chances of opportunities for over or under exposure, it becomes rather easy to create unnatural grading results. However, I cannot move the cam between the photos, the files are larger, and require more processing.

    For most video cameras, I assume their sensors are incapable to recordng that range; so is the 'trick' to have a movie cam which can shoot at 60fps, but that alternate frames are given different EVs to use? In effect, the entire HDR image gets recorded on 2 adjacent frames.

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    That's right Tim, with magic Lantern, each alternate frame is take with a different ISO setting, a low one and a high one. These are then split off in the editor and blended. As you say HDR in photography can produce some interesting results but often if not done very skilfully can produce "un-natural" looking images. TimS asked "what is natural" ? I'm not qualified to answer that question except from my own point of view, I know what I like and I know what doesn't look natural to me.

    An un-natural look can be very effective in the right circumstance to create an effect or special look.

    I sound like I've got a big consideration about this but I really don't.

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    what MB said

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