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Thread: Remove noises from background?

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    Default Remove noises from background?

    I'm planning on making a video and I'd like to use quotes/conversations from movie scenes but most of them have music and noises in the background.

    Does anyone know where or how to fix this?

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    First: contact the copyright holders for permission
    Second: Ask them if they'd kindly make the original sound sources available.

    Or, you could try something like Sony Spectral Layers which does quite a good job of unbaking a cake....

    ...and then ask the copyright hiolders for permission.

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    Ask them permission? No, it's not like I'm going to upload it to Youtube or anything.

    This is the internet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skoomax View Post
    This is the internet.

    Maybe you didn't quite get the gist?

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