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Thread: Help! Do I need a consent to record interviews in the street or on private premisse?

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    Smile Help! Do I need a consent to record interviews in the street or on private premisse?

    Hi! I'm new to this forum and complete noob. I have tried to search forum for the right post, but failed. So don't judge me if I ask the same question again.

    I want to record video interviews of people protesting in the street and upload to youtube. I know that I can record anybody (children best to be avoided) while they are protesting.

    1. Do f I need their consent if I start interviewing them in public?
    2. If yes, can you forward me to a release/consent form to use for this occasion please. (I think it might be useful to other forum users).

    Second scenario - we plan to arrange a local community meeting in a Friend's House where we plan to film the meeting and speakers/ audience asking questions. I know it is a private property and I need consent from the owner. But I struggle to find anything.
    3. Could you provide a link to the realease form template if it is available?
    4. Do I need consent from speakers/audience OR is it enough to place a banner (like CCTV banner)?
    5. If yes, any link to a form template would be much appreciated.

    Besides, if anybody would like to join the protest in Manchester on 29th 2013, you are welcome. )
    Many thanks

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    This is one of those areas which if you get'll either be arrested or sued. So careful research is essential...These answers I give are not in the letter of the law, It is my own opinion and experiences. How I would handle it is as such:

    Answers below:
    1) The camera used must be visible and the person must be told for what purpose it is going to be used for, They must then say "Yes I give permission" before even recording them.
    2) You need to create it yourself, specific to what you are trying to do, You must list every circumstance it will be used for, If it will be used for profit/non profit, news reporting, ect. This is specific to each project, Yes you can find a template (and I think someone here might give you a link) but you need to cover your bases properly.

    3) Same response as 2, NEVER use any template unless you fully understand it and it genuinely handles that incident and requirements.
    4) You must have clear signage informing people that the event will be recorded, There is no law dictating you cannot record a public gathering if you have the consent of the organizers/speakers then no problem.

    Once again, If I say "must" it is because I believe this is the practice which we have been adhering to for some time But each project must be evaluated according as it's own entity.

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    I would approach it like this. The interviews in the street isn't a problem unless they don't want to talk to you, in that case just move on to someone else.

    The meeting in your friends house. I would put up a notice on the front door saying "Todays meeting will be filmed, please do not attend if you don't want to appear on camera or make your objections known to a member of the crew before filming commences". This may not be water tight but I think it should be good enough for something like this.

    I presume you are all on the same side and will be promoting the cause. Someone would have to be a real arse or an undercover cop to complain.

    I think the only time you might really need a release form from people on an occasion like this is if it is going to be shown on TV.

    If you really want to play it safe you can get more info and copies of release forms from HERE
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    Just make sure you don't misrepresent anyone (eg editing out the occasional "not", or resequencing to give an opposite impression) and you should be OK.
    The danger of the release form (documentary) that Midnight links to is it includes reference to understanding that the content will be edited. You and I know what you want to achieve by editing it (making it snappier, more concise, more powerful) but it might just put the idea into the inteviewee's head that you intend deliberately to misrepresent them and they might be reluctant to contribute. :(

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