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Thread: Blue cast in shadows

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    Default Blue cast in shadows

    Has anyone else noticed the horrible trend of having a blue cast in the shadows in some videos. I really don't like it.

    Is it some sort of pre-set in Davinci Resolve that some people think looks cool ?
    Well for anyone who does think it looks cool, it doesn't, it just looks shit.

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    Do you have an example?

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    Here is just one of many

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    i hadnt but i probably will from now on
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    Quote Originally Posted by XXLRay View Post
    Do you have an example?
    Another example here:

    Can't stand it

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    Sorry Marc that's a poor example. It's defo. not blue enough in the shadows.

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    The blue shadows were the least of my problems with that first video

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    Sorry Marc that's a poor example. It's defo. not blue enough in the shadows.
    Thanks - I was really searching for the blue there

    I didn't notice it on many other videos but that might depend on the kind of videos I usually watch. Most of the time they are not made to be artistic.

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