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Thread: Tutorial for interactive Youtube end slates.

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    Default Tutorial for interactive Youtube end slates.

    My latest video is a tutorial on how to create Youtube's interactive so called "end slates" with free tool. I tried to incorporate some of the tips you gave me on the last tutorial e.g. not having the text on the bottom or using a non-vocal background music. Furthermore did I put quite some effort into zooming to the details. Was it worth it or did I waste my time?

    My new mic has not arrived yet. Otherwise I would have tried voice over.

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    It all looked perfectly acceptable to me (although I must admit I do prefer written tutorials as they let you more easily work as you learn). I found the orange text difficult to read.

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    It was definitely an improvement, but I wasn't very clear what we were trying to achieve at each step until AFTER that step.

    It might have been useful to state what is to be achieved in each step, before explaining the detail, eg:
    "First we create a piece of video to put at the end of our main video. This will consist of a background and three "picture in picture" video clips. these clips will eventually act as our links to other YouTube vids"
    This could be further broken down in to:
    "Let's create the PiP layout"
    "Now let's create the backround "frame" "
    "Now let's put them all together"

    Similarly the second part should (in my view) start with "Having uploaded our video, complete with the end slate video appended, we need to link the slate to the other videos" (or something in much better English!)

    In other words, explain what you're going to explain before you explain it (and ideally you should also summarise each step after you've explained it)

    This is particularly important when showing how to do something in "real time" as, even with playback controls on video, the audience cannot as easily refer back as they can with written instructions.

    I also found the text scrolled too quickly at the beginning. I could read it in the time, but not take it in. As a general rule of thumb, try to make text on screen slightly longer (up to twice as long) as it takes to read it out aloud. I couldn't quite manage that with this text.

    But it all looked very "clean" and clear - much better than many screenshot based tutorials I see. Much better not to have the vocals. I still found the music a bit annoying but I suspect that's an age thing. If I put on what I'd find suitable, you'd probably find it annoying

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    I agree with Tims comments. As I'm not at all familiar with the software that you use, I found it all a bit too fast, a bit like having to translate it in my head into a different language but if you are familiar with the software it wouldn't have been such an issue.

    Every move of the mouse had a purpose unlike some tutorials and I think the zooming did help to see things clearer. It would have helped (me) if there was a reassuring voice over telling me those step by step points but that's the style of tutorial I personally prefer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    Every move of the mouse had a purpose unlike some tutorials ...
    You can not believed how happy I am that you noticed it because I really put a bunch of effort into cutting it that way. These "dancing mouse arrow" tutorials annoy me quite often.

    Quote Originally Posted by Marc Peters View Post
    I found the orange text difficult to read.
    That's a pity. I picked it as from my branding colors. Maybe I'll try the darker orange which I use too (if I need to after my mic will hopefully have arrived soon).

    Thank you all very much for the comments so far. They already helped a lot and I will definitely try to incorporate some of them into my next tutorial. If anybody else has remarks just jump in.
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    Instead of displaying the text against a busy background. Could they be better displayed against a plain background; temporarily displaying them in the lower third?
    I think there are too many words. The more there are, the longer it takes to read them. For example, the long opening text. Does it need 40 words? Could it be done in 20?
    Well done. A pleasant change from the wandering mouse tutorials which contains a voice over of "umms" and "errs".

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