Hi, I'm new here ... so be gentle with me

OK, longish story but here goes ...

I recently purchased a DCR-HC90 MiniDV camcorder. One of my main criteria for selecting this model was its ability to support an external microphone. My, apparently insufficient, reasearch indicated that this was indeed the case (i.e, the mags had a tick by this particular feature).

I didnít realise at the time however that this had to be via the accessory shoe.

The application I have in mind for the camera was for taking in-car footage from an open sports car. The camera is securely mounted on the carís roll-bar. Using the camera like this with the in-built microphone, the sound track suffers from wind noise.

My plan was to run an external remote mic to the passenger footwell such that wind noise would be excluded and the exhaust note would be clearly audible.

It appears that neither of the only Sony two external mics for the DCR-HC90 can be used remote from the camera itself.

Iíd be most grateful if anyone can tell me if there is an external mic product (Sony or third party) which can be used with a DCR-HC90 in the mode I require (i.e. some 1.5m from the camera).