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Thread: The Destiny of Fate (Short film)

  1. Default The Destiny of Fate (Short film)

    Hi all, our short film is finally available to watch. I know alot of it could have been improved upon if we'd have had more time to film. It's my first ever attempt at a film (my previous work had been mainly roller coaster video montages) so I know theres alot of room for improvement. Anyway, I look forward to your comments and advise...
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    I don't want to sound patronising but I thought this was a very good video for your first ever film. Yes there are things that could have been done better. Like shutting up the other customers in the diner BUT I'm sure you have learnt a lot doing this.

    I think it could do to be a lot shorter, nearly 25mins is a long movie for a YouTube audience and it would help to speed up the pace a bit as the story line is a bit thin especially once we get twist, after that I just wanted to know how you would end the movie. I won't spoil it for other viewers.

    When you are editing you have to look at each scene and think does this move the story along, is it really needed for the story. If the answer is no then you have to cut it, even if it took you half a day to shoot the scene.

    Using commercial music without permission isn't really ok even if you think it's the perfect song for the movie BUT I'm sure you know this already.

    Good luck with your next project. I may even bump into you filming as you are close to me.

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    One thing I forgot to mention was I really didn't like the font for the title.

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    Yes, I've also had another comment about the font too. Titles aren't my strong point at all, I'm just not clever enough to create decent titles.

    I fully agree with everything you have said and I appreciate it all. The customers in the diner were a bit of an annoyance and as well as the noise they were making they were also constantly peeping over the partitions, hence the reason for the awkward zoom in those scenes.

    Can I ask your advice on where I would get hold of soundtracks for future projects that aren't commercial? I just don't know anyone at all that can compose music.

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    There is a ton of "royalty free music" sites. If you google that phrase you will find them.

    I have used AKM Music and a site called Footage Firm. Also there are sites like where you can search for free tracks.

    MySpace use to be great for unsigned bands and musicians but I've stopped going there now but I'm sure if you search around sound cloud you could find something you like and then just ask the artist if they want their track in a video for a credit in the end titles.

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    You can search for freemusicarchive, ccmixter, kstbeats, teknoaxe, argofox, audiopad, ...

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    Thankyou both for those links and advice...appreciated!

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    OK. This is a film which started out great. Opening credits is often a turn off when people haven't heard of the cast, but you kept is brief and it really did set the scene for the film. Part of what made this great and effective, of course, was the fact that you had a couple of classic tracks and this is, unfortunately, going to mean you cannot show your film at festivals, competitions etc (unless you've obtained permission/licences and this is possible with IAC membership). The only downer for me was the skewed angle for the stabilizer. Smooth tracking shots, but a bit on the piss

    Midnight has already covered the key points about moving the story along. In particular he's right that it seems to go nowhere once we "get" it. The explanation at the end came as no surprise as it was the only possible explanation given all the signposts. I was looking forward to the twist which never came.

    The initial shots of the car travelling were OK and helped emphasise the awkward silence, but later i thought there werer rather too many shots than were needed to give the impression of time passing (almost as if you wanted to show off whtever rig you'd got to attach the camera to the car.

    Tripod. Please. Some fo these shots worked hand-held. Others clearly called for a tripod. For some reason I found this particularly noticable whene the couple get out of the car at the roadside cafe and we have a nice pan following them towards the building. This would have been so much sweeter if the camera had been on a tripod. And then there were shots where there seemed no idea of what was level (eg 1:56 and 1:58 )

    There was some really wierd stuff going on with the interior shots in the car - especially towards the end did you use some stabilization software.

    With one exception, I thought the acting was first class. I also thought the choice of shots was good. Sound was variable - I was listening late at night on PC speakers (so obnviously not too loud) and had to keep turning them up and down.

    Oh, one other negative - the initial setup rather beggars belief. I accept a guy might just stop and offer assistance to an attractive young lady who is not even thumbing for a ride, but he wouldn't even have seen her given where she was standing in relation to the road.

    Anyway, I thoughroughly enjoyed it and even though it could be improved a lot by some savage editing, it didn't feel as long as 25mins to me, so well done.

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    The video won't play for me

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    I’ve had a few people say that they can’t view the video. I’mstumped as to why this is to be honest.
    Thanks for the comments Tim and everything you say is true.
    The script had been altered to try and make it lesstransparent. Even before we filmed, I had a videographer friend who said thathe worked out the ending from the first in car scene. Obviously I hadn’tchanged the script enough.
    I actually didn’t use a rig to attach the camera to the car,it was simply myself holding the camera outside the side of the car (risky Iknow!!).
    Regarding using a tripod…I thought I had held the cameraquite steady! Lesson learnt.
    Tim, stabilisation software (sony vegas) was used quite abit throughout. Even though the in car shots were filmed with the camerasattached to ‘Fat Gecko’ mounts with foam cushioning underneath, there was stilla fair bit of shake and so I had to use the stabilisation effect. Near the end,we actually drove on a stretch of road with rumble strips which I only noticedwhen I got to the editing stage…even the heavy stabilisation wasn’t quitecapable of eliminating it, so It just had to stay as it was.
    I really wish I was more clued up on using audio softwaretoo, there were many noises (background noises) that I wanted to eliminate butjust haven’t got the know how to do so.
    Finally, the point you make about the ‘picking up’ scene,well, originally I had envisaged him driving down a long road with Beckygradually appearing and thumbing a lift but I changed my mind on her thumbing alift as it seemed a little corny and we couldn’t find an appropriate road inthe vicinity of where we filmed, hence we settled for that road which I agreewasn’t really suitable…the thing is, we needed a layby to be able to get thecar away from traffic (with the roads being quite narrow and blind). Perhaps alittle more time should have been spent researching in another area.
    Honestly, I’ve learnt a lot of lessons and I knew you guyswould tell me as it is…I’ve had many friends and family tell me it’s all good…butthey’re the worst critics you can have!

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