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Thread: Hello My First Tutorial How You Make A Game With Java

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    Default Hello My First Tutorial How You Make A Game With Java

    The Series Is Called YouCode

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    I gave up after a minute of this video. First I heard how young you are then you kept saying hello then you seemed to go over to the other side of the room so I couldn't hear what you are saying. You need to show the viewer at the beginning of the video what you are going to teach them. Then everything needs to be clear and concise or it becomes boring for the viewer and they will not watch it any longer.

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    Some background noise + not talking to the mic = I could not understand a sentence :(
    You talk a lot about what you are not going to show. It's OK to mention you don't explain how to install eclipse or Java but don't spend so much time with thing which aren't in the video anyway.
    Your clear name can be seen when you browse the folders. Think about blurring it if you are interested in privacy.
    Get the mic away from the keyboard. Your typing sounds more like hammering.
    Increase the video speed in sections where not much is happening. Cut out parts you don't need. Think about doing voice over.

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    I didn't bother going there, I assumed this has ads and the guy is trying to make an honest living - ROFL

    Anyone that can't test a link after they post it is wasting their time doing anything remotely like this.

    On the bright side, if this is the effort of youth, there is no threat.

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    MB you have much more patience than I.
    - Sadly I switched off after about 12 seconds. It's difficult to convince me that the poster really could teach me (or my better-informed brother), anything about ----. (I was going to write "Java" but it might be anything, in reality).
    It's a great shame when a presentation fails at the first hurdle, but there it is.

    Any audience has to believe they are going to be informed/entertained/etc. - MAYBE - a bit harsh, - but isn't that what we all expect?

    Background noise: yep but I can forgive that, if the presentation is sufficiently interesting.
    If OP is youthful and not an English-speaker, then I would use a body-shot to open the showing, also it helps to say what is covered and what experience the viewer needs to benefit
    . . . . I still can't believe this was Java-tutorial.
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