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Thread: MrEstonian123 (YT channel)

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    Unhappy MrEstonian123 (YT channel)


    Please take a look at my channel:


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    Any particular video you would like us to review? Which content can we expect?

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    Oh yes!

    Here´s one of my short films. Very amateur I know and you probably don´t understand the language, sorry then.

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    The camera is out of level some times. There are some issues with autofocus. Try a fixed focus. Think about adding captions for the non-Estonians
    I did not get the story. Was that because I could not understand the text?

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    An interesting aspect of this clip is (albeit obvious) OP's recognision that he can place a cam on a tripod, then go in front of the lens and do some acting. Most of the 'one man clips' either keep the operator out of view (e.g. MidnightBlue), or by using a hand held camera which can be pointed at the operator (e.g. zamiotana's technique).
    Like XXLRay, I could not understand the plot, did not like the auto-focus. And I thought the orange hue from the lights looked ugly. There were plenty of shots and camera positions; and an obvious attempt to edit them. Some scenes looked too long. It took 17 seconds for the man to remove his coat. I was wondering if he would ever finish!

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    I see the English title of the clip is "The idea of deficiencies". That may or may not be the correct translation, but with more than 300 U2b clips to his name it surely can't be other way around .
    The text insert at 0:55 was probably too short for even those understanding the language to get.

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    I was lost. Obviously over my heard.
    The maker shoudl have warned me by wearing a beard.

    Whilst aI applaud any effort by anywone to make something a bit more thoughtful, it does seem to me that this doesn't lend itself to the "point and shoot" technique.

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