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Thread: Newbie Needs Advice On Lighting Kit

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    So i am a personal trainer planing to launch a new fitness channel on youtube. I have no expereince with lighting and video but reading these forums has given me insight and somewhat a basic understanding of how the 3 point lighting works to bring life to subjects. I plan on recording all of my videos of my ipad 4 and iphone 4s using a 3 point lighting. I have a decent size living room with two large windows and no inside light fixture. However, since outside lighting can be finicky i don't plan on using my windows as a light source. All of my videos will be of me standing in front of a white screen either talking about health or performing actual exercises. So, I have decided to purchase a lighting kit priced at $236 that includes 3 softbox lights totaling 2400 watts of light which includes a white/green/black backdrop.



    I am also debating whether i should purchase a different kit that includes 3 softbox lights with one green backdrop priced at 180.
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    I have attached a pic of my living room to help further give you an understanding of what the setup would look like. know the living room would be cleared of course but im thinking if i place the backdrop against the wall to the left of my tv and have myself stand in front of the drop with the 3 point lighting system that would be the best situation.
    My question is from the pictures i have attached of my living room and the purposes of what i would like to achieve to get optimal lighting what would best suite my needs?

    Thank You
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    I can't really advise you on which lighting kit to get but I would recommend that as you are using an iphone to do the filming I think you should shoot against the white backdrop and not try chroma keying a green screen.

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    The first does not have the overhead light, so I would go for the second choice, because those 3 lights give more versatility. However the second only has a greenscreen, whereas the first comes with 3 colours, giving you more versatility - lol.

    So maybe a mixture of the two is required.

    Make sure you get 4-5 bulbs per lightbox, with separate on/off switches for each bulb - for more versatility - yep.

    You can get all that for these prices, don't pay more.

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    Thank you Stripe,

    I appreciate your response. I will do a little more investigation and find these specs for my set up.

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    I have a MXL990 condenser mic that I will record with using pro tools on my Mac. Do you think I should place the mic over or under me? Or do you think I should just purchase a cheap shotgun mic?

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    This mic is good for Voice overs but you need to be close to it to get it to sound good. As you will be moving around it's not really going to work for you. If you can get a lav mic that won't give you clothes rustling sounds, that might be the best thing. A shot gun used well will be good but you still have to get it close to work best.

    I think a lav mic will be best for you but I haven't see you in action so I'm just guessing.

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    Jade, here is the kit I just bought from Ebay, (it's actually Studio Cowboy gear as per your first link). I'm happy with it, the 2 boxlight stands are a little unsturdy but ok, the overhead stand is solid and works well. Also there are 5 switchable individual on/off bulbs in the two boxes, they are massive 9 inch bulbs, I can go from 250w-1250w output from each box, but it's only costing about 200w max in money terms, and they don't get hot, very impressive. I bought these as an entry level kit and I'm pleased with the value overall. There's no backdrop, I bought a 6x3m green screen with stand separately. I have seen 3mx3m 3 color kits going quite cheap - although getting the stand as well is probably a good idea (for hanging out creases over time, and portability).

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    Hey Midnight,

    You don't think that if i place the mic as close as possible to me without being in the shot that i can make decent audio if i were to enhance it in protools? I agree with you on the lab mic however, my issue is if im working out without a shirt on camera i would have no place to clip the lav mic.

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    Hey Stripe,

    this kit is legit. I like it. Im thinking of just buying this package and then maybe purchase a backdrop wholesale from China. Do you happen to know the difference between muslin back drops and regular back drops?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jadeatkins View Post
    my issue is if im working out without a shirt on camera i would have no place to clip the lav mic.
    I' so tempted to make a comment about nipple clamps, but I won't

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