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Thread: Newbie Needs Advice On Lighting Kit

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    Jade, I think muslin has less chance of creasing, and is more durable. Either way it's recommended. I've also discovered that the boast that it is scientifically matched to chroma key software is true - so buy the real thing and save yourself some headaches

    You'll have to ask Tim where to buy the nipple clamps, I would have no idea

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    I agree that a headset will be the best thing to use for the audio. I did recommend earlier that you shoot with the white background and not get involved with chroma keying etc. If the iphone is set to auto exposure it will try and compensate for a bright white background but I'm sure there is some sort of exposure compensation settings on the phones camera.

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    please do i could use a good laugh.

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    The problem is finding somewhere to hide the cable.

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    OK im sold ill buy the lav mic. I will just get creative and figure out mic placement for shirtless shots. Maybe have the cord behind my back like big brother. haha
    So i just wanted to let you know i am using a iphone to shoot video but my main source is going to be the iPad 4. So this i imagine is far more better then the iphones recording capabilities. Do you have any suggestions or experience recording with the ipad 4?

    In the long run i do understand the big picture and that goes wih anything in this world. You get what you pay for. So with that being said i will save myself from hours of editing or troubleshooting and just get a grade of fabric for the backdrop. As for the green screen i do not plan on using that it was just a backdrop available in the lighting kit i was looking at. All of my videos will be shot on white. Recording video is not my career and i don't have the knowledge on how to chroma key so therefore i would like to just keep it simple by using an infinite white backdrop.

    Good point i need to more 2 more lights to blast the backdrop with so i won't get any shadows. Thanks for mentioning that.

    This reply was of big help to me. Thank you kindly.

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    bahaha i think i will go with the pink ones. They will be sure to attract more views to my channel.

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    I will be using two sources of video capturing. My ipad 4 and iphone 4s. So to give you an understanding i will use the ipad 4 for the main shot this will be right in front and center of me. Iphone 4 s will just be either at a side angle or somewhere else so that way i can give viewers a different view perspective. I am hoping this will keep viewers engaged a bit more since it will be causing more attention to detail. But idk that is just my opinion. Please let me know if you feel otherwise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rembrandt Rob View Post

    The problem is finding somewhere to hide the cable.
    Would you please stop spamming your online shop on this forum

    We talk here about the need for a variety of shots, but 64 different types of nipple clamp? I've obviously led a very sheltered life.

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    You are exteremly right. I think im getting a little to carried away. What i think i will do is just start with the basic 3 point lighting with one recording device and the lav mic. Once my equipment arrives i will record a video with both iPad and iphone side by side. This way i can get a comparison of quality between the two devices. I feel like the ipad will outdoo the iphone but i may be wrong. However, I would like to post a clip of the video once i have got it to get your advice on quality and what i could do to fix the set up.

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    Isn't this a situation where a modest camcorder would make it so much easier to get the req'd shots? If Op is into shirtless-health then I would expect some close-up shots showing sharpness would make good cutaways . . .and to achieve a shallow DoF he need to stage the shots, pref using a DSLR or Compact like NEX5 (with an f/1.8 manual lens naturally).
    The 3-point lighting is a fine standard to aim-for, but if OP is moving about he's going to be covering quite a large area and that will work better with shadow-less lighting, esp reflected off a white ceiling (unless the lounge is double-height).

    The audio present a different problem, with many suggesting tie-clip mics, headsets and so on. I think a professional instructor will come over best with clear audio - and if shirtless sometimes - then a head-band mic is a good choise, possibly with a (painted skin-pink cable), to reduce distraction - and plugged into a waist-band transmitter, so OP can move about freely while recording pretty good speech audio.
    Budget radio-kit is available for under 20 believe it or not.

    OP will also find it far easier if he has an assistant to keep an eye on the cameras/audio to achieve the best quality. Such a set-up will make the Editing-stage so much easier, if the material is as good as it gets, in the first-place.

    Not at all sure about green-screen (or any colour-key setup) as it needs careful set-up and if he's moving about, the conditions will be a-changing - very difficult to keep it simple - in a large studio GS can be perfected over a wide area, but not in restricted areas.
    Indeed I'm none too keen on a plain background at all. A projected background (in lieu of the real thing) of an Out-of-Focus Gym would look the part, or have a large poster created for the similar effect . . . as it's OoF the pixel-quality doesn't matter.

    IMHO, It's tiring on the eye staring into a white screen where the important image is a small % of the whole, for that reason I'd try a background that is duller as this will be more restful and being OoF it enhances the illusion of subject-sharpness.

    That's my take, which I suspect OP will discard . . .
    +Good Luck.
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