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    video I made of a sprint car flip last month what do you think

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    A bit shaky and some wind noise. Did you already try to get rid of that in post-production?

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    Not sure you could do anything with that noise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TimStannard View Post
    Not sure you could do anything with that noise.
    Maybe complete re-dubbing?

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    The wind noise was there cause a big wind storm hit the track and I was a bit shaky standing on the catwalk with the strong winds blowing

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    Didn't have a problem with the noise during a speedway race (strange but true).

    However the dubbing on your logo ends badly, and for white titles, try using some black drop shadow so that letters don't get lost in the background, or use letters with outline.

    Nice hothead moment, although you'd think he would know better than to walk onto the track during a freakout lol.

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    From an old jaded viewpoint, I'll admit. . . but . . it seems odd that what to me is a waste of time is only exciting to spectators when something like an accident happens . . . when you think of all the effort the racers make, training, engineering and so-on, yet all that work is only useful when it all goes wrong. THe audio-noise explanation is "fair-enough" but I suspect Poster doesn't exactly make much provision to achieve clean audio - if indeed he has any right to the content . . . but then I'm not likely to enjoy a second viewing.... so whatdoiknow?

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    To vidmanners Thank you that was very helpful

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