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Thread: Problems with converting .vob video formats into mp4

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    Default Problems with converting .vob video formats into mp4

    Hello there,

    I'm new here. I'm making a video project in Sony Vegas Pro 12...It's not the first time, I've done 1 big video few months ago as well, so I understand Sony Vegas, though i'm not a pro.
    So I have some .vob video formats, which Sony Vegas does not support. And now i'm struggling to convert them into mp4 for the whole day. I've tried so many converters and no one worked...
    I tried: FormatFactory, Xilisoft, Freemake, FreeStudio, Handbrake, and I've forgot the others because I have already removed them. Only Handbrake was the closest, but the quality was crap.

    Which converter do you think would work? The resolution of the .vob videos is 720x576.
    I would really appreciate if anyone could help me out.

    Thanks in advance,
    best regards

    P.S: Sorry for double thread post, it was accidentally, I pressed enter and i didn't realize the thread was already posted. Sorry, please admin remove the previous thread. thanks.
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    *Perhaps*, if the VOB are on a DVD (with its associated folders and IPO file, perhaps); then there are many apps which claim to be able to re-encode the DVD into MP4. (I use the word 're-encode', they may use the term 'rip'). Perhaps without the IPO file, some apps find it hard (or impossible) to know how to interpret the tracks.

    There may be better assistance here .

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    One possible way round this is to change the name from a .vob to a .mpg, you may find Vegas will then accept the file on the time line. Also have you tried importing the DVD via, File/import/DVD camcorder disk ?

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    Try something mentioned in post #4 here

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