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    Default Question about slow motion

    I wanted to practice some slow motion shots for any possible future music video work that may warrant it, but am a little bit confused on the subject. Using my 650D, I can only shoot 60 fps at 720, but I normally shoot my music video at 24/1080. Is it possible and ok to mix the two? If not, does that mean I am limited to shooting only 30/60/720 when I film a video that uses slow motion?

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    I wouldn't mix 720p and 1080p.

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    I strongly suggest you experiment before filming in your live environment. The logical workflow would be to maximise consistency, which is to film entirely in 720p. This minimises post production work.

    You may also be surprised at how little difference there is at 720p. People get too focused on the theoretical. So, film some comparable shots and see what workflow works best, and what gives the best uniform quality.

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    I also think you might be surprised at how little sharpness or clarity you loose by shooting 720p. As Marc has suggested do a test filming of the same things, once in 1080p and then again in 720p, include motion in the test. Then put them both on the time line and render them out at 1080p. See if you can tell the difference and notice how hard you have to look to see it. You can also try rendering the 720p footage as a 720p video and the 1080p footage as a 1080p video. and try and look at them side by side.

    My theory is that once you have "corrected" the footage on the time line, rendered it out, then up loaded it to YouTube, it's near impossible to see the difference under normal viewing.

    As an example of this theory, take a look at my Bees and other insects video and see if you can tell which clips are shot at what resolution.

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