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Thread: My Horror Film Trailer *updated trailer*

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    Default My Horror Film Trailer *updated trailer*

    You can check out the film at

    The trailer quicktime

    Check out the trailer I welcome opinions.
    The video is low quality to save bandwith.

    Im currently making a horror film, and need to upgrade my equipment.
    Mostly the GlideCam 2000 is what I want. I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for funding, and of course if you interesting in funding you can make it on the credits at the website by donating a little cash.

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    The video isnt really scary, its also safe for work.
    So dont be AFRAID to post guys :P

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    found it funny more than scary.

    not a lot of editing there - u really need some transitions going to get the mood going, probably some titles/subtitles even.
    the clips are too short and not flowing - need some story to them really.

    sorry, but honestly didnt like that too much.
    \"Sorry Im new to the addiction of BROADBAND\"

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    I agree, I asked I ruther have any input then no input.

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    I will work on that.

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    I thoguht i was ok except i did not get video blacks in the middle...Were they to get the tension rising...apart from that great

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    Heres my invision for my next trailer.

    Starts with person entering apartment calling for someone fades to black, Then scene of people leaving appartment fades to black. Next scene with person from appartment meeting someone on the road while peeing fades to black. With music of course, which is not Fade to Black. This will give a story feel to the trailer.
    What do you guys think?

    Problem with the trailer is the music. I have to have all the sound done for it. By my sound guy.

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    May need to post in different area, So on the fades to black im thinking this.

    I want to freeze the frame then fade to a black and white picture then fade to black.

    What software can do this? After Effects?

    I have Adobe Premiere 6.5 and Ulead something, I dont really use Ulead.

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    [quote="Slytin"]I want to freeze the frame then fade to a black and white picture then fade to black./quote]

    Easy. Output the frame you want to freeze in AP (file > export > frame), drop on timeline next to the actual frame. Then drop the frame again next to the frame you've just placed on the timeline. Add the black and white effect (under Image Control) to your last clip. Now add cross disolves to the begining and end of the same clip.

    You'll now have

    Video > freeze frame > fade to black and white > fade to black.

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    Fantastic I may be asking you more about this when I get home :P
    I think I understand though. Ive only used AP to cut footage

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