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    Lightbulb "Alone" -Post Apocalyptic Short Film

    Hello Everyone,

    So this is the most recent short film I've made. It was one of those "written and shot in a day" ordeals and I had a lot of fun doing it. It's called "Alone" and it's a post-apocalyptic drama. I know what you're thinking, yet another zombie video or end of the world and no one knows why type videos, but I decided to go a different route than most do. In the film there is only one sole survivor left in the world. The video isn't about how the world ended, or will they ever find a cure, but more along the lines of how a man, alone in the world, spends his days surviving, pondering, and reminiscing of the past. I hope you all enjoy! I'm by no means professional, this is just another step in the right direction I feel. Feel free to critique, the more critique, the more I learn and grow!

    Edited with Adobe Premiere CS6
    Stabilization and De-Noising in After Effects CS6
    Colour Corrected in Davinci Resolve (Lite)
    Music partially created in Magix Music Maker 17 Premium
    Audio edited in Adobe Audition CS6

    Shot on a Canon T2i using a 50mm lens (the nifty 50), and also a Rode Shotgun Mic. All other equipment used is in the description in the video on YouTube.

    I hope you all enjoy!

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    Well that was a good intro. When do we get to see the whole movie. I think it has become a little cliché to just have a voice over on short movies. Just spend half an hour on Vimeo and you'll see what I mean. There's nothing particularly wrong with it but it does wear thin after a while. May be in this case it was fitting but I bet if you had him talking to himself or to his dead wife it would be better. I know it makes it easier to film if you don't have to record dialogue but it does make a more interesting movie.

    Generally I think you did a great job with this, especially as you only had a day to do it.

    So very well done.

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    Must say I liked it, but was slightly concerned by the early office shots where the out of focus went sharp, only to distract me with the books behind. Have you considered a variable fader on that 50mm lens - that way you can keep using the larger apertures for shallow DoF while keeping the exposure correct. The in-car shots really needs some soft interior light too, otherwise the background which moves is likely to catch the eye. Ideally a LED-light shining from outside the car, so as to "replicate" the daylight streaming in . . . since on-camera light is often a giveaway. Perhaps a green-screen - OR was that how you did it?

    What would be really interesting would be a fly on the wall view of the filming process . . . such fun.... to learn how you did it.
    I liked the VO in the house, but maybe one should always see the person's head (from behind?) so we know who is "speaking" as it were . . . If we see the actor's mouth and he's not speaking it will look wrong-body.

    Good Luck.

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    I agree with MB. Especially as you say the guy is talking to himself anyway it would have been cool to let him tell the story to an imaginary friend like in cast away or to his lost wife. The moment where the light turned on worked very well for me. It could have been nice to let him have developed some "ticks" due to his loneliness e.g. clapping from time to time or making engine sounds just to hear a noise.

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    Hey Guys,

    Thanks for the feedback. This short film was made for my local film festival. We only had a day because a friend of mine approached me, wanting to create a video and the deadline was 12pm the next day. We wanted to originally have dialogue with 2 actors, but no one was available. We had a boom pole for the shotgun mic, but unfortunately no one to operate it. So we ultimately decided to jump on the bandwagon and do a voice-over. Not our original plan, but we made due with the time we had.

    The idea for the narrator to be speaking to his dead wife or something would have been great. Makes me wish I posted my script for you all to pour new ideas and aspects into.

    As for the car shot we actually drove around the neighbourhood and I filmed. We had an LED light to light up the face and kind of emulate the dashboard lights, but we left it at home. By the time we realized, it was too late. We couldn't sacrifice the daylight to get it, so I had to just settle for less unfortunately.

    I like the idea for the noise aspect. I was trying not to cram too much dialogue into the voice-over because I didn't want to overdo it with too much detail and I also wanted gaps in the dialogue so we could "set the mood" so-to-speak with the music.

    Thanks again for the feedback! Maybe I'll run the script by you guys next time. I love having all the different takes on what should happen, makes for a lot of opportunities to go so many different ways with a simple idea.

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    OK. Once I saw it was writte and shot in a day, just about everything is forgiven.

    I thought it looked great. Great use of the 550D/T2i and this is the first film i've seen which has made me seiousl;y wonder about dipping my toes into the whole DSLR for video thing.
    The grading was good and consistent apart from a few shots (eg 1:59 where you get harsh contrast of the extrior daylight and the indoor shadows and cannot apply the same grading). This was a real shame as for me this drew my attention away from the content and back into the technology/methodology.

    All good varied shots, but I did find myself wondering how many cliché shots we were going to get in there (shower from below, feet on bedside floor etc). Of course, they've become clicé becasue they're good shots so you can't win!

    My main rant was going to be that this was an OK book or radio play. It needed something to justify it being a film - ie it needed something visual. The exposition is all done in voice-over (always something that rins alarm bells with me) with the dubious justification that the visual content is simply demonstrating how alone he is (incidentally, if your character has been alone for years, as it says in the script, the world would be a lot more overgrown. And how come there wree lights on in the basementw e see him scavenging? )

    But back to the "visual" bit - of course the payoff totally justified this being on a visual medium - and as nothing else up to that point had (apart from the possible clue of loads of toothpaste) this had a stronger effect than it might have otherwise.

    4/5 from me. I'd really like to see you develop this into a feature.

    Oh.. the credits were too quick to read and I hate it when people list themselves numerous times - it seems like an ego trip. I'd suggest list your name onece with up to three jobs/functions (eg written, directed and edited by ...)

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    Well done - I really can't think of anything I didn't like about it - especially for a one day job - even the music was bang on

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