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    I recently completed my first montage for Call of Duty Black Ops 2. The gameplay is all from Search and Destroy and it took me about 3 weeks to get the gameplay and edit in Sony Vegas. I have posted it here because from the few posts i have seen a lot of you are very good at editing and hopefully i can learn some tips and tricks to get better at editing which is something i want to improve at for the future. So if any of you have some criticism good or bad about the edit then please comment below and be sure to give it a like on Youtube as it will really help me out. Thanks Aaron.

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    It depends a bit on what you wanted to achieve. If you just wanted to concatenate gaming footage you succeeded. Some footage seemed a bit senseless to me and you might have matched the cuts better to the music but I don't see much wrong with it apart from not telling a story.

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    I didn't really have a story in mind when i started editing so that's probably why the clips seem a bit random. And I tried to match some of the clips to the music like when the music says "down" at 1:50 the man drops and also a few other places when i hit a shot the music kicks in but i found it a difficult song to do anything with. And i think next time i will take a little longer to gather the footage so that i have more to work with. What sort of story do you think i could of included into this montage? Thanks Aaron.

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    I am really not good in story telling. My videos lack it regularly. You could dedicate the montage to a certain goal e.g. "100 Grenades in 200 second" or something like that.

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    I don't actually enjoy watching edited highlights from games. Despite that, I thought some aspects were good. The opening Titles looked good and were easy to read. The sharpness and colour was alot better than I have generally seen in the past. And lots of evidence of editing work.
    I fully agree with XXLRay's suggestions about using a 'story'. But, I know that is difficult (impossible?) if the only gameplay only involves warfare. What I would like to see is a montage made up from two (or more) different games; e.g. to get the fighting scenes from one; and get some slow non-warfare footage from another game; and then use sub-titles to overlay any script. Initially, the idea may appear absurd. One could have scenes from the Simms mixed with footage from a wargame. In that way, many stories become possible.

    I would also be careful with fast moving scenes. These can appear (to the viewer) slightly nasty. It looks similar to 'camera shake' and therefore a little unsettling to watch.
    However, I realise that some Games montage editors prefer to display their skills at playing the game; rather than attempting to interest and excite an audience with an strange and unexpected video experience.

    Well done. And I may look forward to seeing your next video. And am hoping it won't just be more 100% warfare.

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