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Thread: Big issue because of renaming my files with Automator. HELP please !

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    Default Big issue because of renaming my files with Automator. HELP please !

    Hi everyone,

    I have a big issue because I renamed my video files with Automator to give them a unique name.
    I add their date of creation at every end of their names.
    Now, FInal Cut Pro won't reconize any of the files. (I know, i should have think about it before but I guess I was disctracted).

    I have tons of work already done on this project and I can't find any solution so far but reconnecting the media one by one which would take ages as I have hundreds of videos...
    Is there a way to go back with Automator ? (files are on my hard drive so no way to use time machine).
    If there is a way to just delete the date at the end of every files names that would work !

    Any solutions friends ?
    Don't tell me I just wasted all this work within 2 minutes !
    Pleaaaase !

    Thanks and have a good day.


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    I use Sony Vegas editor and if it can't find a renamed file it asks me to point to another file instead. But that could still take you a while.

    Why can't you have Automator rename the files back to the original names? You must have told it to append the date, so why not tell it to remove the last 6 or 7 characters of the filenames?

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