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Thread: Youtube Upload Problem

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    Default Youtube Upload Problem

    Hello folks.

    Just joined the forum to try and solve a problem with formats.

    What format should I be using for youtube? Twice now, using different formats, I have rendered a video and uploaded to youtube only to find that the picture has been shortened and stretched so that that images are distorted. When I had the problem before I found that 1080p/wmv worked okay. Now this is the format that won't work. I'm baffled. What is the correct format/filetype?

    Many thanks...

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    avi and wmv cause a lot of problems.

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    Marc - Doh, Many thanks, I didn't think to look for youtube guidelines. Didn't even know you could change the display formatting with tags.

    XXLRay - What should I be using if not avi or wmv?

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    Nope. Dammit. Read the guidelines, tried another format, tried re-sizing using tags, nothing works. Obviously user error, but I've no idea where the error is. It's only a slide show but it's all beyond my intellect.

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    I recommend installing MediaInfo ( Use the Menu 'View/Text"; then cut and paste the long list of results into this thread. It should be clearer what kind of video format you are trying to upload. And maybe the answer is simple . And please let us know what software are you currently using to create the video files?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeteJ View Post
    XXLRay - What should I be using if not avi or wmv?
    I would recommend using mp4 just like stated in the guidelines linkes by Marc.

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    Thanks for all the help. I'll keep trying different specs and maybe one will work. I'll try MP4 for my fifth attempt.

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    Ha ha. I should have known. I'm using Nero, and when I try to save as MP4 it tells me I need to authorise my software by going online. But my working machine is not online, and it's already authorised anyway. This does not happen for other formats. I suppose it's the position of the planets, or perhaps the weather.

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    You can convert it using free tools e.g. ffmpeg

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