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Thread: Premiere fader and effects not working on captured avi clips

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    Default Premiere fader and effects not working on captured avi clips

    I'm new to the forum but I did search the archives, with no luck.

    I can fade all clips except for those I've captured myself. When I adjust the fader rubber band on all other clips, fading/transparency works just fine. When I do this on my captured clips, I get almost complete black with a little bit of colored noise for everything less than 100% opactiy.
    The same problem occurs ehn I apply filters to these clips. Filters and fading work beautifully for clips I didn't capture myself.

    I hope the solution is obvious or this is a common enough problem that someone is familiar with the solution but, as I said, I couldn't find a reference in any of these forums.

    If there's another forum or FAQ I should go to, I hope you won't mind referring me.

    Original source: VHS-c tapes played from my JVC camcorder into my line-in jack on my ATI RX800 VTD256e vga.
    Capture Device: ATI Rage Theatre Video Capture (Video Composite)
    Uncompressed AVI Codec is Microsoft's UYVY 5.3.2600.2180 (XPSP Microsoft...
    Capture format: Video for windows at 29.97 fps
    Resolution: 320 x 240
    Pixel depth and compression: UYVY Size: 153600
    Adobe Premiere 5.1c

    Thanks in advance,

    Kevin (PPGpilot)

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    Adobe Premiere is "optimised" for editing DV; the video you have is not DV and you will need to render the timeline before you see any effects.

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    Default Re: Premiere fader and effects not working on captured avi c

    Thanks for the reply Marc !

    I'm with ya, I have been doing the render first.


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    You did mean rendering within Premiere didn't you ?

    Is there a Pre-premierew render step I'm missing ?


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    Turns out....

    When editing in Video for Windows mode, the filters and fader rubber bands don't work.

    When editing in Quicktime mode, the filters and fader rubber bands work fine on my clips.

    Yay !!!

    Now I can't export from Premiere 5.1c AArrgggh !

    I get all black or red-and-white tiny noise blocks that don't look like the image at all.

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