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Thread: Imported audio tempo being slowed down

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    Default Preview speed slowed down

    Hey all,

    I'm completely new to SVP and video editing in general, so please bear with me.

    Whatever I add to my timeline - audio or video - plays in slow motion in the preview and i don't know how to make it play normally.

    It renders normally, it is just the preview that is slowed down.

    I can't give any more information than that without you asking me questions, as I don't know anything else :P

    And as I said, I am completely new to it all so before you ask "have you tried ____________?" I most likely have not :P

    Thanks in advance for your help,
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    Ahhh, problem solved, I had accidentally changed the playback rate hahaha. I feel so stupid. Sorry to have bothered you.

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    No bother at all. Glad you figured it. Welcome.

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