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Thread: PowerDirector4 & Sony DCR-TRV730 Capture Problem

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    Default PowerDirector4 & Sony DCR-TRV730 Capture Problem

    Hi Folks,

    I'm new to the forum and it looks like this is the right place to be for answers.

    I am pulling my hair out trying to figure out why PowerDirector4 & MGI Video Wave 4 are giving me fits. I have the Adaptec FireConnect 4300 firewire card and the Sony DCR-TRV730 digital camcorder. My computer is a 3.0GHZ machine with plenty of ram and hard drive space.

    Here is what happened initially. Video Wave 4 will capture just fine, however, the program is buggy. When I try to open or browse a file, the program just shuts down. It will capture video no problem, but the shutdown thing is really aggrevating. So, I thought get a different program. I did a google on 'best video capture...' and it came up with this website The number one pick was PowerDirector4, so off I go with the highspeed download.

    Different problem now, but still a problem. I selected the capture mode in Powerdirector4 and the sony camera started making some sounds like it was responding to the commands via firewire, and I was thinking cool, this is going to work. Then, the camera played for about 3 seconds or so, then stopped. It stopped just like someone hit the stop button on the camcorder.

    I then downloaded WinDV (free at: and tried to capture with it. WinDV captured without a hitch. Of course with my luck it is the weekend and there is no tech support around to speak of for PowerDirector or Adaptec, unless you want to mortgage your house.

    Does anyone have any new leads for me to chase down? I was thinking about buying a new firewire card, but don't want to spend the bucks when it might not be the problem. But you know how it is when you have spent hours trying to fix something, you start to get desperate.

    Looking for help!


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    I am using Sonic's MyDVD to capture and it is capturing just fine. I plan on sending it to PowerDirector for editing. The quality of the DVD when played on the T.V. isn't that great. It may be because the camera wasn't so hot that originally recorded the footage. The tape was made on a friend's camera, I just wanted to copy it onto DVD for my own viewing.

    What I will do though is transfer some high quality footage from one of my own tapes to compare. Meanwhile though, what are the factors in creating the best quality images with the following path: digital camcorder to computer to DVD to T.V.?

    As for PowerDirector, I plan on contacting tech support on Monday to determine why it will not capture. One possibility is that it may be using the Nvidia driver instead of the Microsoft driver for the camcorder. I need to research that.

    Thanks for your help,

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    Default PowerDirector4

    I am a little concerned about the "quality" pf PowerDirector4. How have things worked oout for you? Also, if you had to do it over again, would you buy this program or would you recommend another. Before I decide to buy I thought I would ask around.

    I appreciate your input.


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