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    Hi guys,

    I've started this underwater scholarship where I travel around the world scuba diving and underwater experiences. Unlike what others have done in the past, I've decided to document my travels through regular videos on youtube.

    It is still early days in my scholarship year and I've got many exciting adventures to come so would love some external feedback on my video's so far. I've felt myself improving over the last few months but it would be great to hear suggestions from the members of this board.

    I look forward to hearing your comments.



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    Can you point us to a specific video and not just your channel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    Can you point us to a specific video and not just your channel.
    Hi mate, sure - here is a video I just put together and uploaded a few minutes ago:

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    There is a lot to like about this video. You are a good looking guy that come across as easy going and natural which is good. The image quality is ok especially the underwater shots. The thing I would advise you to address is the sound quality. It's not that it's at all bad but it is the only real thing that would give an immediate lift to the piece.

    I don't know how you recorded the voice over bit but it does sound a bit thin and as there is no excuse of not being able to get the mic close enough I don't know how you managed this.

    I think it's a great effort, well done.

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    I like it in general and (unfortunately) can not point out any additional improvements despite that I would have watched the video even longer

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    Thanks for the feedback guys, yeah I have just bought an external mic for my iphone (an "iRig Cast") and used it to record myself in a different video which I just uploaded a few minutes ago. Notice any improvements with the mic quality?

    Do you think when filming the above water shots I should use an external microphone to the one on my camera?
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    Well done on finding your own solution to the white balance problem. I'm interested to know how this works at different depths. You have inadvertently come across an old trick some people use to make a video look warmer or cooler by using slightly tinted cards for their white balance. So if you can be bothered and have the time you may like to experiment with different tints at different levels to see which works best.

    One thing that does surprise me is using something that is brownish should give the opposite effect ie make you images more blue so I'm stumped at what is happening in your camera.

    Any way. The sound is a bit better than the last video but the mic needs to be nearer to you as you speak to get a better sound. A clip on or lav mic would be best fir doing this sort of piece to camera I think.

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