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Thread: My videos come out blurred

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    Default My videos come out blurred

    Snes9x is an emulator for SNES games. It has a feature that allows you to record gameplay footage. Whenever I record raw footage, the quality is so high that I can clearly make out every individual pixel. But when I feed it through Windows Movie Maker, it comes out looking degraded. At first, I thought that this was on account of it being Windows Movie Maker, so I tried using Sony Vegas, but the footage still came out looking degraded. Why is this? Is it the editor? Is it my computer? How can I get my footage to look as good coming out as it did going in?

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    Which format do you get from Snes9x? You can usually tweak the encoding option in you video editor. Try to increase the bitrate.

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    1. AVI.

    2. I put the quality up as high as it would go.

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    How does it look when displayed direct to an hd tv? You could record off the tv and get the same quality as you see

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