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Thread: Frank Yang editing tutorial

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    This video is more about editing philosophy rather than specific technique and I am sure many of you already know this, but sometimes it is good to be reminded of things you already know.

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    I liked the unusual commentary from the bottom. The font size in the beginning was a bit to small.
    Voice quality could have been better especially around 07:00 and you were a bit too hectic from time to time.
    The text over at about 18:00 was hard to read.
    The information was useful for me but I didn't find the presentation appealing. I think you could have condensed it.

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    You summed it up pretty well. The font is oddly small and it surely could have been shorter. There are a few good points that he makes that make this video worthwhile even though an experienced videomaker would know them, they may even be doing them without thinking of them, but they are nice things to be consciously aware of.

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    Oops wrong section. Thought it was in the feedback part of the forum

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    Haha...I thought your critiques were a bit random.

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