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Thread: Citizen TV online video competition now open for submissions (big cash prizes!!!)

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    Default Citizen TV online video competition now open for submissions (big cash prizes!!!)

    -> I am a community manager for Citizen TV and would like to share this information with other members. is a next-generation social video sharing platform focused on curated, high quality video content.

    They seek to differentiate themselves from other video sites by being a curated site, where passionate volunteers make sure that videos are correctly classified, and that the best is featured and the schlock is given less visibility.

    In an effort to populate the site, they are seeking videos that are entertaining, informative and all-in-all don't suck. That's where you come in.

    Submit your best videos to one of the following categories (each video may be tagged with up to 3 categorizations):
    * Music
    * Comedy
    * Dance
    * Film
    * Travel
    * News
    * Animation
    * Fashion
    * Lifestyle
    * Sports
    * Documentaries
    * Gaming
    * Education & HowTo
    * Auto & Vehicles
    * Pets & Animals
    * People & Blogs
    * Mature Audiences


    Weekly Top Talent Award
    Every week the top scoring video wins $1,000, second place wins $500, and third place wins $200! The ten top scoring videos of the week are finalist for the Monthly Top Talent Award.

    Monthly Top Talent Award
    The top ten finalists from each week in the month are reviewed by a Citizen TV judging panel and the top ten are selected as finalists for the Annual Award. The judging panel then selects a Monthly Winner, who receives a $5,000 prize, a second place winner who receives $1,000 and third place winner who receives $500.

    Monthly Best of Category Award
    Each month a running total score is kept for every video still in the competition. In each Category the video with the highest score wins $1,000. The top three videos in each Category move on as finalists in the Annual Best of Category Award competition.

    Annual Top Talent Award
    All top ten finalists from the previous 12 months compete for the Annual Competition. Citizens also upload a video to introduce and describe their entry, and give reasons why they should be selected as a winner. The Citizen with the highest score at the end of the Annual Top Talent Award voting period wins $100,000. Second place takes the $30,000 prize, and third place gets $10,000

    Annual Best of Category Award
    The monthly top three videos from in each category compete for a final prize of $10,000 in every category!

    Open to all.

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    Where does all the money come from?

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    Quote Originally Posted by XXLRay View Post
    Where does all the money come from?
    Citizen TV is a privately funded company from the UK

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    Perhaps Gina, you could clarify the apparent contradiction in your terms. (My highlighting, but this section of the text reproduced without other alteration):

    5. Intellectual Property
    i) Our intellectual rights

    CitizenTV owns or is licensed to the content of this website. The website is our exclusive property at all times. This includes without limitation the text, videos, software, interactive functions, content of interaction, trade & service marks, and logos. The website’s content is for your viewing, information and personal use. You are not permitted to use, distribute, copy, transmit, sell, license or exploit any material for any purpose without written consent by CitizenTV. You agree not to breach or intervene with any security functions on the website. You grant us the right to display the video on our website, any third party website or application to associate or promote CitizenTV for any purpose, allow any user to play, download, and embed the video on a third party website, and for advertising and promoting purposes for CitizenTV. CitizenTV has the right to retain the video for investigations or legal reasons.

    ii) Your intellectual rights

    If you have uploaded a video to CitizenTV you own the video content. By uploading the video you have granted CitizenTV a limited, worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free license. This gives us the right to copy, transmit, distribute, your video publicly by any media present now or created in the future.


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