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Thread: CineStyle Review and you can win a Camera Slider

  1. Cool CineStyle Review and you can win a Camera Slider

    CineStyle Review and you can win a Camera Slider
    We take a look at the South African film trailer for "Angel Of The Skies", then we review a custom picture profile called CineStyle for all you DSLR Filmmakers out there - then it's competition time -> You can WIN a Camera Slider!

    Thanks for watching!

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    I found this much more watchable than the previous episodes. If you can just get the mic a bit closer you will have the genus of a reasonable show.

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    thank you!! Will def try that!

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    I first had to get into that your show is a bit slower than the average on Youtube. That isn't bad in any way. Nevertheless I don't see much sense in publishing in 1080p. You could instead publish in 720p and use different zoom levels instead.
    I absolutely agree that your voice volume was to low plus your maybe shouldn't have used a vocal track as background music (although it is very quite). It distracts attention from what you say.
    I like the outtakes. Maybe include them in an end slate where you link to others of your videos e.g. the last one. This will keep more people on your channel.

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    Thank you for the feedback - will keep all that in mind!

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