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    Hi, check it out my video - Last report.

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    The description on YouTube is very helpful. The Video is about "an alien invasion from view of a cameraman".
    The clip generally shows the camera crew running away. There is a teasing, but brief shot of the alien craft, there is rather more of the army helicopters.
    I enjoyed the lively action and some of the humor in the script. In the end, I felt a bit cheated; as I had hoped to see an alien - or for there to be an unexpected twist of the story at the end.
    The effect of the 'faulty trasmitter/video interference' does not look nice. Rather than simply overlaying some pre-set effect; it would be more pleasing (or perhaps dramatically realistic) to use it to distort the video image as it degrades into total signal loss.

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    I agree that the interference effect did look odd somehow. I can not exactly name what was wrong about it. The sunny day did not match the athmosphere although I have the impression you tried to cover that in post-production.
    The crashing helicopter does not work. I think it's too small and does not change the tunnel's lighting.

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