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Thread: What are your thoughts on the film editing in the Lawrence of Arabia film?

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    Default What are your thoughts on the film editing in the Lawrence of Arabia film?

    As this seems like the only film editing discussion forum on the net, I'm researching the film editing and sound design of the Lawrence of Arabia film
    for school and for those who've seen it and greatly admire its editing, by one of cinema history's best editors (Anne Coates), I just wanted to
    ask people to share their views on LoA's editing.

    Like how does LoA's editing choices manipulate a viewer's emotional response to it's main characters ? How do LoA's editing choices affect one's understanding
    of its narrative. How does the film's editing respect the principles of classic continuity editing? When does the editor appear to break these rules and for what
    purpose? How does the film's use of sound design and music affect a viewer's perception and appreciation of its story.

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    Tell us what you think.

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    While we're at it, do you want us to do your math's homework as well?

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    I would've wanted once (or twice) upon a time. Now it's definitely too late I'm afraid .

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    I would share my views, but I'm only very new to learning editing, so there's no need to be a smartass.

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    If you would share your views why don't you just do it? Come on - if you came up with the questions yourself you should already have an opinion. There is no reason you can't reveal it here. It would show us you already worked on it and you don't just leave your homework for us.
    I have the DVD right in my shelf but currently I don't feel like I am helping you with posting my view on the questions.

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