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Thread: Florence Italy in timelapse

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    Default Florence Italy in timelapse

    Just a small montage of timelapse footage I took at my trip to the area around Florence in Italy this summer:

    Most of it is test footage including my first shots with ND filter but I thought they were nevertheless worth making a video from them.

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    After the airport shots your next shot was of the back of some deckchairs which seemed to have no purpose

    The see shot at 0:55 should have been either a short exposure to get a crisp image or a longer exposure to get a smoother image. It looks like you got it somewhere in the middle which gives us neither. The shot starting at 0:58 had no reason to be a time lapse as it was just a still looking landscape scene with the clouds burnt out. I found some of your post production movement a little distracting, example around 1:15 you start a zoom in right after a pan down another was the movement around 1:04 I think it would look better with one movement or kept still.

    I liked the bird shots but you did a jarring jump cut at 1:34.

    Sorry if these comments seem harsh but it seems to me that you've missed the purpose of a time lapse, which in my view is to alter the time in a video to show things you would not see at normal speed. Often this would be slow movement of clouds or stars which when sped up shows the interesting movement. There are other purposes of time lapse videos but I think you get the point.

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    Your comments don't seem harsh to me. I appreciate them but what do you mean by "jarring jump cut"? The fade to black? Any idea to improve it?
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    Yes the quick fade to black comes back with exactly the same camera shot but without the birds in it. The fade to black is so fast it's almost like a cut so it comes across to me like a jump cut.

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    So you mean it would have been better if the fade had been longer or would you have chosen a dissolve transition?

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    Yes you could have made the fade to black longer to show the passing of time but I personally wouldn't have gone from the pool/birds shot to the same camera position shot, this is a jump cut. You could have gone to a totally different shot or a shot of the pool but from a different direction or a zoomed in shot, they would have worked.

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    Personally I liked the deckchair shot (As midnight pointed out it seemed to have no purpose, but then again none of the cuts seemed to have any purpose - they were just a random selection of time lapse shots - that's OK by me, if a little less likely to make me watch through than something with a narrative) and the pool shots. They all had a certain "something" which made them stand out - they looked almost surreal. All the other shots were rather ordinary. OK but not great.

    I did not like the sequences which included a change in the direction of camera movement. Every movement must be motivated and a change of direction especially so.

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    You are absolutely right. These are just single clips without any story as it was "recycled" footage I did not want to rot. I tried to sort them a bit by daytime. Nevertheless your tips are very valuable to me and will help to make future videos better.

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