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Thread: DVD Architect adding files to menu

  1. Default DVD Architect adding files to menu

    Hi, can anybody help please. I can't add files from the explorer window to the project menu. When I try dragging a file, as soon as I leave the explorer window it turns to a circle with a diagonal line through it. If I double click a file it appears in the workspace but I can't add files its just replaces the file that was there before. What am I doing wrong?

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    Hi -

    Which DVDA version are you using -and have you used this software for some while and it's suddenly stopped doing this? . . OR . . . is this something you need and can't achieve?

    I'm hardly a Power User, but find SVMS / DVDAS (Studio version) are pretty poor on "Text" handling,
    = although you can Edit Text as each Media piece is dragged-in. OR click-select.
    The Title can be similarly Edited too . . .

    -but unless you have to, Don't makes titles too good; as it might show up the Content - there needs to be some Balance, IMHO.

    That Circle/bar is saying Illegal operation . . . . but it could be you have to wait for an earlier Op as well.
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    are you trying to add unsupported source file formats?
    I suppose you watched the How to Add Titles tutorial (Show Me How)?
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    Hi thanks for the reply, I have DVA 5.0 I have had it a while but only made one blu-ray disc with menus before now, and had no trouble dragging files to the menu on that occasion. I am using simple titles just two or three words.
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    What sort of files are you trying to add? Are you sure these are rendered video files of a format DVDA can accept.
    I'm having a bit of trouble undertsanding what you mean by "If I double click a file it appears in the workspace" In what are you double clicking on a file (ie where is it in the screen) and what do you mean by the "workspace".
    A screen grab would be useful.

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    Since the subject "Titles" was brought up in a previous post, the OP might want to remember that (in DVDA) the term title can have two meanings when discussing discs: the text you see at the top of a menu page is a title, but the term also refers to the items on the disc. A title can be any video, picture compilation, or music/video compilation in your project (quoted from the DVDAS tutorial I mentioned).

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    Well progress of sorts, I can drag files to the menu using older video files just not the latest ones which are full HD 1920x1080p, so it looks like there lies the problem. Am I correct in thinking I should be able to as long as audio is in stereo? Also I should have explained I am using movie studio HD platinum. screen grab.jpgWhat I referred to as the workspace is the blue screen. Thanks

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    I'm still having the same problem, it's got to be the me doing something wrong. There are so many ways to render I guess I'm not choosing the right one.
    I am away for a week so it will have to wait, thanks for all your help so far..........Roy
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    If you are using SVMS (for the Editing), then you are more-than-likely to be using DVDAS (ie the Studio version)...?

    Have you progressed through the ShowMeHows (ie for DVDAS) ?

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