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Thread: Are You Tudor

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    Default Are You Tudor

    We've been working on this at work this month

    I shot the majority of video content using green screen, quite pleased with my keying.
    Takes about 10-15min to complete, or just watch the intro
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    It seems quite futuristic to me. Kind of near end time atmosphere.

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    Thats the feeling we were going for. The opera it is marketing is not set in any particular time, the clothing and the sets are a complete mash up of era's.

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    I think this is an excellent piece for it's purpose. Who wrote the script, I noticed a lot of plagiarism from some "real world leaders".

    Mash the New World Order !

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    Did you? which lines?

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    There seemed to be a bit of this dickheads speech. See the last few lines.

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    lol! I think that might just be coincidence

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    May be just a coincidence or it could be deep psychological social engineering that has been implanted in our subconscious which is why they think they can get away with the sort of crap that they have done. Now the war mongers are at it again and are going to bomb Syria without even looking at the facts. Don't they really get it that these bombs are going to kill Innocent people. The sort of people they claim to be protecting. It's just Orwellian double speech.

    Did you know there is a section within the cabinet office called The Behavioural Insights Team, which is all about social engineering. Ok may be I've gone too far. I'll put on my tin foil hat and shut up now. I just give a shit, that's all.

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    Very nice. Grabbed my attention. Reminded me of this:

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    Quote Originally Posted by fuzzymuffin View Post
    Thats the feeling we were going for.
    In that case it obviously worked for me

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