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Thread: 3.55:1 aspect ratio on 4k footage?

  1. Question 3.55:1 aspect ratio on 4k footage?

    Hey guys, i'm editing some RED epic 4k footage shot in 1.9:1 wondering if it's possible to crop to 3.55:1 after we already shot- i've been looking around on a couple forums and seems like everyone says it needs to be shot that way and am not finding much for post cropping. It's not crucial, however would give us a more stylized look as far as where we direct the viewer's eyes- if anyone has any info, please let me know!

    Thanks, guys!


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    You can of course crop of top and bottom to change the ratio. Are you shooting at least 3840 Pixels wide?

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    We shot 4096 x 2160
    Would your suggestion be, in adobe premiere, to add the crop effect from the effects menu? I'm wondering if there's a matte or filter i can lay overtop so i can adjust the framing accordingly beneath it with the position

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    I don't use Adobe Premiere but openshot on Linux. I think even ffmpeg should be able to do it from the command line but I don't know the depending options from my head.

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