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Thread: Dragonfly Pond

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    Default Dragonfly Pond

    Please note Mrs M is wearing one of Frankenstein's (the monster) boots, this is not camera distortion.

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    Lovely - I maybe would have dropped the scene at 1:22. It was a bit too much if the same thing as the scenes before and afterwards.

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    I didn't get a great deal of footage that day so I just used up what I did get. Like the shot of the flying dragonfly starting at 0:40 is way out of focus but more importantly I think I captured the flavour of the peacefulness of the day.

    Thanks for watching.

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    i think you have captured the mood of the day very well MB ... however there isnt enough dragonfly footage... i would go back and grab some more also some of the existing footage seems a little soft ? also i would like to hear some ambient noise... birds singing, trees rustling etc, even if its low in the mix. kinda like a long awaited follow up to your Holy island film following mrs MB as she photographs the fauna
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    Thanks for sharing Dave. Personally, I would have had no or minimal footage of the dragon flies. This was all about Mrs Midnight and Midnight Jnr spotting and taking photographs (those scenes were lovely and I wanted to see more of that). I would have told that story and ended with a very short montage of shot's that were taken on the day.

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    I did not like the first shot of the insect merrily flying amongst lots of out of focus leaves. That pain ended around 0:49, where I saw a lovely breathtaking close up. Indeed, I thought it was a still image until it moved!
    I liked the reflections on the water showing lots of details. Once again MB's style encourages my eye to look around a scene and admire it without the horrors of seeing swathes of over and under exposed shots.
    However (yawn yawn), speaking from my limited experience and entire lack of skills; I detected minor non-smooth panning [0:07-0:20]. Normally, I would put it down to some codec inefficiency, or lack of internet connection speed, or simply an unwell camera operator.

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    All good points enc, I had forgotten to sharpen the footage which I have found is needed for some types of shots because I set the camera soft to help reduce the moiré effect. I think you are right Marc, this was more about capturing Mrs M and little Miss M having a nice afternoon out. I couldn't show any more dragonflies because I could only get three of them to sign a release form.

    Tim you are correct the pan was not very smooth. In my defence and an attempt to justify this, my laggy band had snapped so I had to move the panning handle with my very shaky hand. No excuse really I should have brought a spare.

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    Beautifully shot. Your panning techniques are quality. What camera and editing software do you use for this? Looks really professional.

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    I think you are being too kind BUT thanks anyway.

    For this video I used a Nikon D800 with a 28-300mm zoom lens. The software (which is not really relevant) is Sony Vegas Pro 12.

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    Default Settings..

    Nice to watch, very pro results too.

    However the "Looks better on..." ad covered the RHS until I went full-screen.
    Which makes me wonder....why do players offer a Volume Control, but not Brightness, nor Contrast (and maybe throw in colour Temp, too? ). These aspects are just as variable between PCs/Devices . . . and one might argue that Volume is usually easily controlled, whereas the video control is hidden . . . . but not for any good reason, IMHO.

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