My name Is Alexande Perel and I am wedding video photographer in Israel, I work 90% of the wedding alone - I am the only video photographer. I had never had really bad stuff that happened to me and there are couple of reasons for that:

  1. I use only SanDisk memory cards, they are the best! and have less problems than others.
  2. I always use safety remove eject hardware option in a windows.
  3. I always format card in the camera.
  4. After all day shooting I am very tired and the only thing I can think of is going to sleep. It is really not important what you want! When you open the home door you are going straight to a computer and download everything. Next day you may not remember how many cards you had with footage or you can forget download audio from audio recorder.
  5. I backup All footage in Raid and external HDD that I connect only when I put footage in it! - this one is very important. If there is an electricity jump your internal HDD's may suffer.
  6. I use Camera that records on two cards simultaneously. Canon C100 is the best money I spend for my nerves system! I record on two SanDisk 64GB SD cards, only that option worth the money for the wedding photographer.
  7. I connect Sennheiser Wireless System on the camera and monitor sound through earphones whole wedding. I connect an audio recorder directly in Record Out from DJ or Band.

Little frighten story of mine: Till four month ego I used 5DII for all my DSLR work and always followed those steps above. On one day I came home with three SanDisk cards and one of them was corrupted! The only thing I was getting from that card was "Please format the card…", it was REALLY scary! On that card was footage of reception and ceremony. I literally could not breath and I was in panic. After an hour I managed to recover all the files with recovery software but it did not recovered my white hair! After that I bought camera that records on two cards. I hope My experience will help you and prevent white hair on your head.
All my wedding / Fashion / Documentary / Art work Is here. I will be glad to hear what you think? If you have any Questions I will be more then happy to answer!