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    one of my tapes that i think has important stuff on it, somehow got messed up. like 2 inches of tape got shrivled up and its all messy. my camera wont accept the tape, it keeps telling me to remove it. i tried flattening out the wrinkles and stuff and manually fast fowarding past that section and it still wants me to take the tape out.

    any ideas?

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    Manually rewind (or fast forward, whichever will get the wrinkled section away from the playhead) to as far as it will go the other way. MAKE SURE THE TAPE IS STRAIGHT, AND NOT FOLDED ANYWHERE!!!!!

    Then, using the camera, fast-forward (or rewind, whichever will take the wrinkled section through the playhead) all the way to the other end of the tape.

    Do that a few times. It should straighten out the tape enough to play it. I've done that with a VHS tape (successfully), and it should work with any cassette tape.
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    I got it to work. Just to find out there wasn't a single thing on it.

    steve bogda

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