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Thread: The Wedding Album / promo video

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    Default The Wedding Album / promo video

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    Nice one - I mean how could an advertisement be better. I would have maybe added some close-ups of photos to give an idea about the image quality as you are focusing a lot on emotions and not so much on the product itself (although binding it). It might even be a boost if she was given the album by her husband. A timelapse sky after the clock would maybe work well but needn't.

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    I think it was well shot and it communicates the message well.

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    This works ever so well and I particularly like the reflection in the pendulum shot. One shot I would have replaced . . the album being stored in the bottom drawer? This signifies not looked at in years (unless this is the message?) - Top drawer/shelf signifies = admired regularly. Nice job!
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    Thanx guys for your comments and suggestions!!!

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