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    I am working on editing my first real wedding video, and I know how the videography community loves to have the over-used, ugly, cliche, and deprecated cross dissolve transitions. I know over the course of my editing I will be forced to use them heavily for the detail shots and stuff, but for the ceremony itself I need a good transition(s) for cutting to B roll and back. And the video of my wedding looks a little too hap-hazzard for my liking, so I really any point of reference. Please help so I can move on to other things!

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    I just watched the film on this thread and was impressed with some of the transitions. If you are skilled at lighting and camerawork, and keep the consistency, transitions are not so noticeable, and therefore not so critical.

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    If straight cuts don't work it's probably the choice of shots which is wrong. Transitions shouldn't be "necessary" to make an edit look right. I can't tell you what is right and what is wrong as this is often a subjective thing it's also a craft and art form that can take decades to master.

    This means there is no simple answer to your question. IMO

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    Some may like the "over-used, ugly, cliche, and deprecated cross dissolve transitions", but I'm not one of them. They're too often used to cover up sloppy camera craft and missed scenes when editing a wedding video. I always use a straight cut between 2 cams during the ceremony and speeches. Your video, your choice
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    When editing our wedding films I use three transitions:

    Hard cut. Simple and it works. I use this 98.5% of the time.

    Dip to white up to 30 frames in length... used only when I am transitioning from one main event to another, it provides clear separation of content. For example, when I'm jumping from bride prep to preceremony church decorating, I'll throw the dip to white in to give the viewer the subtle message that we are changing from one thing to another.

    NewBlueFX's Light Blends>Glow Pro>Angelic (similar to formerly available Vapor Cross) This is a luminance based dissolve and I use it when I want a more progressive or energetic dip to white effect.

    Hope this helps!


    You can check out some of our highlights films to see these in use.
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    I also think straight cuts tend to work as long as they are used in relation to the pacing and speed of the video. I agree w John, that using a longer transition or dip to white between settings works well. I would add also that you can use the same effects between the "live" ceremony shots and b-roll shots if they are from a different part of the day. In the end, it all boils down to the pieces that make the puzzle come together!
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