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    Talking The Last Of Us Teaser Trailer

    Alright so here's a teaser trailer I made for a friend's movie he wants me to edit. This is my first trailer and would love to get your opinions and feedback on this.

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    Is the scenes in this trailer from already part of the complete film; or were they filmed especially for the trailer?
    What senses is this trailer intended to excite?

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    TimA's second question is particularly pertinent.
    The music was relaxing, chlll type music which doesn't relly generate any excitement or interest. When combined with the footage of the guy walking it created an atmosphere of him being out for a Sunday afteroon stroll. In a more general sense it also made the whole thing feel like it dragged. It really felt like it needed to be much more tightly edited.
    I couldn't understand the opening lines either. Despite listening several times, the best I can come up with is "The tennis has worked". This is an easy trap to fall into - you know what is being said, but the audience hears it once and (normally) once only. They have to understand it to draw them in.

    It's probably too late to do anything about this and I know it's not your area, but you might suggest to the cameraman he looks up "leading space" - there should be more area in front of where a character is looking, than behind (exceptions apply).

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    Unfortunately there are some moving cars in the background around 00:25, I think that wasn't intended. Furthermore do I not get the purpose of the camera being out of level in teh first scene.

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