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Thread: I Am Life - Experimental Video with the Hollywood Studio Symphony

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    Default I Am Life - Experimental Video with the Hollywood Studio Symphony

    Hi there!
    It is my first post in VideoForums, in which I would like to present my new video project.

    "I Am Life" is a personal project in which I wanted to capture my vision of life. Birth, life, death and rebirth are alltogether represented in the video.

    For this project I worked closely with the musician, David Antolín Gíl, who composed a fantastic piece of classical music in collaboration with the Hollywood Studio Symphony in California.

    It was completely shot in Spain, in places such as Barcelona and Bilbao.

    After many hours of editing in Final Cut, I just wanted some feedback in order to bring me out of my subjective view of it.

    Thanks for watching!

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    Thanks for posting. I enjoyed many of the scenes, but could not connect them easily with the notion of life cycles, but that did not reduce my overall enjoyment.
    I was interesting to see the timelapse/clouds/stars, as I have just read/watched this post

    Most of the scenes looked wonderfully sharp, but there are some scenes where the focusing feel (to me) was less than pleasing (e.g. @0:22 or 02:49).
    I thought the video worked very well with the audio. I am slightly confused, was the music scored after the video editing? Or was the video edited to fit the pre-recorded music?

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    I did not like the "bouncing light ball" transition at the beginning. Maybe one star time lapse would have been sufficient but apart from that nice choice of footage.

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    Ditto to everything Tim said.

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    Agree with all the above, but my own reaction was:
    I liked the concept and the idea behind many of the shots.
    Even with your description, I'm not really clear what it was all about - perhaps it's deeply personal and not necessarily meant to mean anything to me.
    I liked the orchestral score.

    The big failing for me was the camera movement in too many shots went one way and then another. I wouldn't go as far as to say the camera was "hosing", but there would be some intentional movement going first left then right without any apparent motivation (ie not following a subject or moving from one subject to another). Ditto stuff going in and out of focus without any apparent motivation. The problem with this is I find it is in conflict with the idea of a journey that a film takes us on. I want the director to take me forward not back track (if I miss something and want to rewind that's my decision not the director's). I thought this sort of backtracking was particularly contrary to the words at the beginning was "Life goes on".

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