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Thread: Best video editing program for long time-lapse video?

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    Default Best video editing program for long time-lapse video?

    I'm not really tech savvy, so hopefully someone can help me understand this.

    I have over 27+ hours of footage, that i want to time-lapse to about 4 minutes. I filmed in 30 min segments so i have alot of files, and about 130gigs in size. I knew windows movie maker wouldn't be able to do this but i tried anyway, and behold half the screen was black when i tested it. I dont think the program can handle this much condensing.

    So, what is the best software to do this in? And if possible, a tutorial on how to do it would be wonderful.


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    Sony Vegas Pro and Rocket Speed extension can easily do this kind of work, but it's pretty expensive solution...

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    I second altarvic, I've never heard of Rocket Speed but it seems legit. Plus, you could always just do 2-3 hours at a time depending on what your computer can handle, then make another project and stick them all back together.

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    ffmpeg can speed up and concatenate clips for free although it's a bit of command line work.

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