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Thread: Nightvision - theatre for the facebook generation

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    Default Nightvision - theatre for the facebook generation

    I was involved in filming and testing this project out

    Its going live soon to a public audience, it'll be interesting to see how it goes.

    The basic structure of the project is that you follow a character on twitter, she's paniced and has lost her friends, as the feed continues a series of videos are released showing the fate of her friends.. its not good for them...

    If anyone does get a ticket for it please do let me know what you think!

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    Interesting idea but just not the kind of entertainment I want to put my time into.

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    I agree, very interesting. I wish you (fuzzymuffin) the best of luck. I won't be getting a ticket, but I cannot contain my curiousity. Even after reading the website, I was unclear. Sorry if I appear ignorant.
    Does the ticket holder experience the story from a collection of syncronised tweets and links to pre-recorded video clips? Can the ticket holder interact to affect the story?
    I like some aspects of the idea, and it may be very appealing to anyone wanting to align a virtual reality with their social networking systems. (I am also curious how well such a live performance might be edited subsequently to allow non-tiucketholders a chance to see what they missed).

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    The story is played out over a collection of tweets from a few characters, audiences can interact with the characters on twitter, tweets are live. The story itself can be enhanced by more people watching and sharing what they have seen. But the core story doesn't really lend itself to an alternate outcome.
    I camera op'ed and helped with some play testing with smaller audiences, will be watching its followers as it grows.
    Interesting note - some sort of teaser for non-ticket holders could be cool..

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