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Thread: Zey The Mouse, Photo Gallery of 'Chestnut Hall' unseen photos with music!!

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    Default Zey The Mouse, Photo Gallery of 'Chestnut Hall' unseen photos with music!!

    Hi, all

    This is a photo gallery of some nice pictures selected from the 'Chestnut Hall' storybook session!


    - All Sets
    - 9 characters (Zey), (Mr and Mrs Frog)
    - Music

    I hope you enjoy?

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    Thanks. Looked good in HD/Full screen. Had to pause it several times to get time to see all the details. Nice work. Hated the piano playing in the audio.
    I only loiter in these newgroups for news of the next Zey movie. Any plans?

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    Hi, Tim, glad you liked it, apart from the piano music! it's o.k, in the future will have to make a longer better tune!!
    Sadly there won't be a movie as yet, as i don't have extra pairs of hands to help!, so i had to decide on how to break Zey
    into the public and the storybook idea, was the best choice, it's amazing!! but hopefully in a yr or 2 you never know!!

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