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Thread: Video Editing down to 1000th of a second

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    Default Video Editing down to 1000th of a second


    I was wondering if anyone knew of a video editing software that will enable me to align sound to video
    down to the thousandth of a second.

    For example to match up a drummer to the sound of a drum and getting it bang on. excuse the oun

    Thanks Jack

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    Most of the common popular video editing software packages will enable you to do this. Look for software that will enable you to zoom in on the time line. For example Sony Vegas, Adobe Premier are two examples.

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    That is odd. I had a look at my Premiere. I don't appear to be able to move audio any less than the time of 1 video frame (e.g @30fps = 33.33ms). If needed, I guess I would edit the audio with another app (using lossless conversions, of course).

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    Is this because you have snap to frame setting or what ever Adobe might call it. In Vegas you can have Quantize to Frames option on or off.

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    Ah. I am now wiser. The procedure in Premiere requires setting the Timelines scale from "frames/secs" to "Audio Time units".
    (And is described here

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