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Thread: Episode 5 of TrueReelzTV is out! (Shotlists and Movie Trailers)

  1. Cool Episode 5 of TrueReelzTV is out! (Shotlists and Movie Trailers)

    We have changed the format of the show slightly - it's shorter!! - And more punchier etc so please let us know what you think.

    This week we look at the trailer for local South African film, "Jimmy in Pienk", we review an IOS app that will help you with Shot-Listing, and we have a look at the "JOBS" Trailer.
    So let us know what you think of the new format - and thank you for watching!!! (We would really appreciate if you subscribe to our YouTube channel as well)

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    Can't listen. Voices recorded far too loud = serious clipping. Horrible.

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