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Thread: Taxi Driver Kinetic Typography "You talkin' to me?"

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    Default Taxi Driver Kinetic Typography "You talkin' to me?"

    As a result of the satisfaction I got from finishing my first Kinetic Typography project, I decided to make another one. And what else but one of my favourite scenes from one of my favourite movies: Taxi Driver.

    -Adobe After Effects
    -Adobe Photoshop
    -Adobe Illustrator
    -Sony Vegas Pro

    ANY and all feedback is appreciated; especially constructive criticism. Thanks!

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    Nice idea at the end. Well done.

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    Wow that was really awesome! Any tutorials on how to do it?

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    Yes, this is really good! And the end with all the graphics from start to end was a great idea..... Just one minimal observation: the beginning took too long to really start... Guess you can shave 5 seconds or more of the first introduction "frame".

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    Nicely done but .... I only stayed to teh end because of what Tony said above. Otherwise I'd have stopped watching. Not because it wasn't any good, but because once an audience has been exposed to kinetic typography the novelty wears off really, really quickly (just the same as after the initial veiwng of watching a mountain bike descend at speed from a helmet cam, further similar videos hold little interest).

    What you have here though is the payoff. This could be exploited to make your KT videos more interesting. i think they'd have to be a little shorter (so the viewer doesn't have to wait quite so long for the payoff) but if the viewer knows there will be an image/graphic at the end this will create a certain amount of suspense and, like a murder mystery, the viewer will also, most probaly, be trying to work out and/or guess what that image will be.

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    I'd never heard of Kinetic Typography before this but I enjoyed this a lot. It could make a great title sequence in a film. Really well done and the black and yellow works well. Great ending.

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