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Thread: Free Premiere Keyboards and Beta Testers

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    Hey Guys,

    It's Mark from Editors Keys. (We're the company which produces the colour coded shortcut keyboards for Adobe Premiere.)

    We're currently working on our new shortcut keyboard for Adobe Premiere CC and we would love to get the opinion from some of you Premiere Experts.

    Ideally we're looking for 10 Beta testers who can check through for any mistakes or improvements you'd like to see in the final release.

    We really want you to be as critical as possible. For example are the colours nice, icons need changing or for the PC keyboard what improvements or extra features would you like to see?

    Its really great to have this continued support from the community

    You will of course be rewarded for your time.

    The current CS6 generation can be viewed here:



    All the best

    Mark Brown
    Editors Keys

    PS. We also have a large stock of Premiere CS5.5 keyboards we're willing to giveway, simply for the cost of P&P! If you'd like one let me know!

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    First of all, At least one sharp and clear image of the actual keyboard top down, There are a few sideways shots and some deph of field arty shots but nothing to show what the layout looks like sadly.
    This product has it, The newer ones don't.

    I've never used any of your keyboards so cannot comment directly, But what is the life expectancy on these keyboards? Especially with a slightly heavy handed user.

    Have you tried your products with a professional transcript-er (weird right but hang on) to see if the keyboard is pleasant to use for hours at a time.

    Just a few from the hip thoughts from me, As for icons/colours, Can't really decide based on the site photos.

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