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Thread: MacBook Pro Screen Size - 15" vs. 13"

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    Default MacBook Pro Screen Size - 15" vs. 13"

    Hey guys,

    I looked around a bit for this discussion and didn't find anything - but someone point me in the right direction if it's already been hashed out...

    I'm looking to get my first MacBook Pro - and am debating between the 15" retina and the 13" retina. I know there are performance differences between them as well - but I'm wondering - are there folks out there how edit comfortably on a 13" screen? I like the smaller size for portability - just wondering if I would regret it due to not enough real estate on the screen. My current editing has been done on 15" PC.


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    If you have to edit in the field, 13 inch might be great due to smaller size.

    Also don't forget! You can plum in an external screen when at a proper desk.

    I personally went for a 15" laptop as I wanted the extra space on screen, I found 13" just a bit too small for me.

    Wander into an apple store if you can, and just compare the 3 sizes, see which one you are happiest with.

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