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Thread: Where Do You Buy Spare Parts?

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    Default Where Do You Buy Spare Parts?


    Can anyone help me find a Replacement firewire port for a HVR-A1E?

    I've looked everywhere....

    And repair shops won't tell me where they buy their parts, they just want me to let them fix it...

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    why would they tell you, they have to make a living. Google the words "wholesale electronic components". You will have to do some searching to find the right name for the part number etc. Then try ebay etc. \You may need to search service manuals for your camera as well.

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    Yeah I know, and I have done that... I've been on every website on the first page of google, for wholesale parts and I have E-mailed a few companies as they request an E-mail to find the part but still no luck...

    I was hoping that perhaps someone on here could help me...

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    A firewire port is a firewire port unless it's from Sony then it's an iLink. Ok it took me 2 mins to find THIS. Will this fit the bill ?

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