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Thread: How to pick the best video converter for your Mac?

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    Default How to pick the best video converter for your Mac?

    We users always feel totally confused when planning to pick the best video converter for Mac in Mac app store or any other online store to convert files.
    So many video converters for us to compare and judge and almost all of them claim that they are the best in the realm. I am in the Mac world for quite
    some time so I am here to give one piece of advice on some important features that a good video converter should have.

    - Converted video files should turn out to be in high quality output at least without losing any of the quality from the original video.

    - A good video converter should support videos that are not only in common file formats but also in obscure file formats. It should allow you to get a similar
    range of the output formats.

    - A good video converter program should have more practical features rather than the simple conversion process such as the DVD ripping function or an extra
    trimming function.

    - An ideal video converter has features that are truly easy to use when converting video files between various formats. A simple and friendly user interface
    will help a lot.

    - It can convert video files at a relatively high speed.

    - Reasonable price with a good user experience.

    I hope this can help you on how to get the best video converter and make a quicker decision to pick the software that most satisfies yourself. And the following
    are the top video converter programs which have been highly appraised by users recently.

    1, U2Any DVD & Video Converter

    U2Any DVD & Video Converter is the software combined the functions of both DVD Ripper and Video Converter, Users are allowed to set the video size,
    rame rate and bitrate. U2Any DVD & Video Converter does well in showing users its human side that users no longer have to stay by the computer just by
    setting the preference to make computer to sleep or shut down after conversion.

    2, U2Any Video Converter

    U2Any Video Converter can convert formats between audio and video in a relatively faster speed and will preserve 100% of your original video/audio’s quality after
    conversion. It's also the only real batch converter which supports real multiple threads in processing tasks. U2Any Video Converter allows users to get a much higher
    performance with core 2CPU in converting as well as save more time.

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    MPEG Streamclip is free and good converter.
    Commercial converters that I've used - Leawo Converter and Movavi are also very good and versatile...

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